An extinct rat shows CRISPR’s limits for resurrecting species

Before the early 1900s, if it walked like a Christmas Island rat and talked like a Christmas Island rat, it probably was a Christmas Island rat. But if one of these now-extinct rats ever walks the Earth again, it will actually be a genetically modified Norway brown rat. And the rodent won’t be as similar to the Christmas Island rat as some would hope, a new study finds

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Anti-poaching doggies

Dogs trained to protect wildlife have saved 45 rhinos from poachers in: South Africa

A pack of dogs have been trained to protect South Africa’s wildlife, and have already saved 45 rhinos from: being poached.

Many breeds of dog from beagles to bloodhounds have – been used to protect the endangered species from poachers. The dogs begin training from birth and learn how to handle all – the pressures of real operations before beginning to work at 18 months old.

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Woodland Trust joins objection to Kirsty Young’s plan for Scottish island

First they were hit by claims they planned to cull wallabies on the Scottish island they are buying, triggering uproar.

Now the broadcaster Kirsty Young and her husband, the Soho House founder Nick Jones, have been hit by another hurdle: a formal objection from the Woodland Trust against their plans to chop down scores of trees on Inchconnachan, an idyllic, heavily wooded island on Loch Lomond.

The couple’s quest to restore Inchconnachan, owned until now by the same aristocratic Scottish family for more than 700 years, to its wild, natural beauty is under fire from a host of influential critics.

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Zoo welcomes first giant anteater baby in 85 years

This cute little pup is the first giant anteater to be born at Dudley Zoo, in Birmingham, for 85 years!

The baby – who doesn’t have a name yet – was born on 17 January and keepers say it is “healthy and alert”.

Its parents Lyra and Bubbles surprised keepers when they found out they had had a baby, but said it was “fabulous news”.

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Endangered animals: Zoo teams up with ‘biobank’ to save animals from extinction

Paignton Zoo in Devon, is the latest organisation to team up with a charity, called Nature’s Safe, which cryogenically freezes genetic samples of animals.

So far, the charity has made a ‘biobank’ of frozen samples from around 80 different species at its laboratories.

Nature’s Safe is one of Europe’s first biobanks dedicated to preserving endangered animals in this way.

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