Iran’s proposed pet ban sparks outrage

Outrage was sparked in Iran after the government proposed a law in November that would ban pets in the country.

The law, named Protection of the Public’s Rights Against Animals, was proposed by 75 hardliner legislators and introduced in November, described people living with animals as a “destructive social problem,” and bans “importing, raising, assisting in the breeding of, breeding, buying or selling, transporting, driving or walking, and keeping in the home wild, exotic, harmful and dangerous animals,” according to AFP. However, the definition of “harmful and dangerous animals” does not strictly cover animals typically deemed as such.

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Mediterranean monk seal campaign

These aquatic mammals are adorably curious and charismatic creatures. They have lived peacefully in the ocean for millions of years, spending their days exploring and searching for food.

Monk seals are agile and graceful – these mottled grey marine wonderscan swim and dive with ease by the time they are a mere few months old! They are fond of open sandy beaches and, with few natural predators, they generally keep to themselves, safe out of harms way.

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