Jon’s Diary

Sunday 22nd August: Hello Elsie

The night before last I, once again, became a great uncle. David and Jessica Braund-Phillips welcomed their daughter into the world, and I can’t wait to meet her. I am sure that she will have inherited my good looks, charm and modesty. That’s how genetics works. Ask Max.

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Guess who is an idiot

Guess who is an idiot who forgot to take his medicine last night. Extrapolating from that, guess who only had about an hour’s sleep, and spent the nearly the whole of the nighttime hours twitching and turning as all of my multifarious symptoms which my medication is supposed to keep under control, stopped being under control

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It’s Wednesday!

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary, and the first one since Corinna died. It’s a weird feeling, and I’m not going to try and analyse it too deeply, but I think that for the first time in my life I understand the meaning of the word “bittersweet“.

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We are facing what all sorts of people choose to call a DYSTOPIAN FUTURE (I am over indulging in my use of capitalisation because so does everyone else who are trying to emphasise how DYSTOPIAN our FUTURE is likely to be).

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