Mosasaur fossils discovered in Southern Alberta mine

LETHBRIDGE, AB – A local mining company has made not one, but two pre-historic discoveries.

Enchanted Designs, an ammolite mining and jewelry company, was working in an area south of Lethbridge on January 26 when they found something out of the ordinary.

Joe Sanchez, Head Technician at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, says the crew uncovered part of the skull and shoulder girdle of a mosasaur, a large marine reptile that lived during the late Cretaceous period 145.5 million to 65 million years ago. describes mosasaurs as the “apex ocean predator of the dinosaur age.”

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Is it Bigfoot or a man in a suit?

When it comes to costumes, any movement of the head the fake fur will be skewed on one side or texture will changed, Munz said in the episode.

Even the muscles on the back of Bigfoots neck look like those of an ape.

‘I am struck as an anatomist by the massive size of these trapezius muscles and their intermediate attachment on the back of the skull. This is not a human configuration,’ Meldrum said.

Meldrum compares the skull of the figure to that of australopithecine, which is extinct early human species that lived in East Africa about three million years ago.

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The sea monster of Kodiak Island.

hirty years before that, on a sunny day in the summer of 1971, another group of setnet fishermen in a skiff had also seen a large sea animal they did not recognize. In 1977 Eddie Pakkanin, who was in that skiff that day, told the Kodiak High School oral history magazine, Elwani, that the animal was about 30 feet long and “had a head on it like a horse and would blow through its nose.”
Pakkanin said that another man in the skiff, DeWitt Fields, fired at the animal with a rifle as they approached it. The animal went below the surface then and turned and swam under the skiff before surfacing on the other side.
“We don’t know what it was, but it had a grayish color and we couldn’t see any fins or any tail and it never made any noise. It would just come up and you could see the head and part of the body.”

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