A&M #71

I had hoped to get #71 out in time for the first of the month. However, Amazon are not the easiest people to deal with, and many of their instructions are not very easy to follow. However, you can use this link to find out when #71 is available to purchase on Amazon.

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‘The Penguin Book of Dragons’ reaches from ancient Greece to the modern day

“There is a great deal of debate among writers with regards to dragons: do animals of this sort actually exist in nature, or, as is often the case in many other things, can they only be found in fables?”

These words come from the 17th century German Jesuit Athanasius Kircher and his 1638 book Mundus subterraneus (Subterranean World) which argued not only that the Earth is hollow, but that it’s inhabited by dragons which he believed were extremely rare, but nevertheless natural animals. Kircher’s inquiry into the putative reality of dragons is a major theme throughout The Penguin Book of Dragons (2021), edited by historian Scott G. Bruce of Fordham University.

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BORIS PORSHNEV’S LEGENDARY BOOK: An exciting new publication from CFZ Press

In 1963 he produced a book summarising the evidence the Commission had received, studies from other parts of the world, and further evidence from history. He built up on this basis a consistent picture of the creature and discussed its possible relation to Neanderthal man. The book was never actually completed, but 180 copies of a preliminary version were circulated to colleagues in Moscow. The book then disappeared for well over half a century. With the assistance of Porshnev’s family the manuscript has now reached the West and is published here in an English translation with the addition of notes, maps, illustrations and an index. This book casts a wholly new light on the Yeti, Bigfoot and the possible survival of human ancestors into the present day.

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