Swindon couple unearth five 220,000-year-old ice-age mammoths at site near town

A Moredon couple has made one of the most extraordinary archeological finds in history when they discovered preserved fossils of mammoth in a quarry to the north of the town.

Neville and Sally Hollingworth, part-time fossil hunters, immediately realised the magnitude of their find and called in archeologists from DigVentures as reinforcements – who soon unearthed five ice-age mammoths in an extraordinary state of preservation.

The couple’s find was so remarkable that David Attenborough and evolutionary biologist professor Ben Garrod will be presenting a BBC One documentary on it – Attenborough and the Mammoth Graveyard – which will air on December 30

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Somerby Primary School teacher sacked after caught attacking horse at Cottesmore Hunt

A primary school teacher who attacked a horse has been sacked from her job.

On November 6, the Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs captured a video of a woman kicking and hitting a horse while out with the Cottesmore Hunt at the Drift in Gunby.

After going viral on social media, the footage sparked outrage with people, including wildlife TV presenter Chris Packham, calling for the woman to be brought to justice.

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