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Moroccan Cave Find Shows Ancient Humans Made Clothes 120,000 Years Ago

Researchers have announced the discovery of bone tools in a cave in Morocco that appear to have been used to carefully remove skins and fur from the bodies of dead animals. The skins recovered this way were apparently used to make clothing.

Such a find would not normally be considered remarkable. But these particular tools are approximately 120,000 years old, which pushes the timeframe for clothes-making practices farther back into the past than scientists would have once believed was possible.

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PRESS RELEASE: EVIDENCE FOR A WILDMAN: For centuries people living in what used to be Soviet Central Asia have been reporting encounters with something called the almasty, a huge, hair-covered, wild man which can reach a height of seven and a half feet. The almasty is only supposedly aggressive when provoked, and appears to eat a wide range of foods, having a similar diet to the European brown bear. However, it is most certainly not a bear, because it exhibits very primitive tool use, and evidence of a higher intelligence, such as one would expect from an ape.

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