New reality-TV show explores Nantinaq stories

For generations, the Suqpiag people of the Nanwalek and Port Graham area have told of a mysterious being, Nantinaq, that lurks in the thick forests of the southern Kenai Peninsula, especially the Port Chatham area. Tales have been handed down of a large hairy being, like Bigfoot, that uproots trees, makes mysterious knocking sounds and sometimes causes people to disappear.

Could Nantinaq be real, and if so, what is it? That’s the premise of a new reality-TV show, “Alaskan Killer Bigfoot,” an eight-episode limited series that premiered with the first two episodes on Dec. 7 on Discovery+, a streaming video platform. Episode 3 showed Tuesday.

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Is it Bigfoot or a man in a suit?

When it comes to costumes, any movement of the head the fake fur will be skewed on one side or texture will changed, Munz said in the episode.

Even the muscles on the back of Bigfoots neck look like those of an ape.

‘I am struck as an anatomist by the massive size of these trapezius muscles and their intermediate attachment on the back of the skull. This is not a human configuration,’ Meldrum said.

Meldrum compares the skull of the figure to that of australopithecine, which is extinct early human species that lived in East Africa about three million years ago.

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