Nine inch Bigfoot print

Bigfoot hunter finds nine-inch footprint but sceptics all ask the same question – The Mirror
The Mirror
Posting on a Facebook group for Bigfoot enthusiasts, Chuck Headley shared images of what appears to be a large print in thick mud in Ritchie …

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Tajikistan 2023 Expedition

Dr Chris Clark, veteran of many CFZ expeditions had for some time wanted to return to the Central Asian country of Tajikistan. He decided to take a small team back there in the summer of 2023. He wanted to concentrate on the Karatag Valley in the north-west of the country. Chris had worked on editing Russian scientists, Boris Porshnev’s unpublished 1963 book on relic hominids. From Porshnev’s expeditions and research he thought the area would prove fruitful.

The Centre for Fortean Zoology had published Porshnev’s work as The Soviet Sasquatch and it contained many accounts from the west of Tajikistan. He wrote:

“The area situated between the Karatag and Shirkent Rivers, and the Karatag Valley stretching to the mountains to the Mura Pass leading to Iskanderkul Lake, was once, according to the nomadic Uzbek people, inaccessible to people. A Tajik villager from Hakimi said that the Pashmi Valley has a rich walnut forest and water, but had long been devoid of people because …”the hairy wild men from the mountains would push boulders down the mountain and throw stones and force people to leave these places.”

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