Banbury area village outfoxes hunt with a novel idea

Hornton Parish Council has had aerial maps printed of the village and surrounding land which will be marked up with where area the Warwickshire Hunt may go and parts it may not go through.

The move has been made following two years of debate after hounds were said to have gone on the loose during a hunt, ‘terrifying’ children at collection time at the village primary school.

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Investigating the Loch Ness Monster Fever of the 1930s

In early May 1933 reports that some kind of monster had been spotted in Loch Ness, in the Scottish Highlands, near Inverness, reached the press. By the end of the year, national weekly publication The Sphere wrote:

When the Loch Ness monster first came into the news many believed that the stories published in the Press were nothing more than mere sensationalism. To-day this theory does not hold good. People, whose judgement can be relied on, have seen the ‘monster,’ and there is little doubt that some creature of unusual size does appear on the surface of the loch.

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Ghost stories to feature on Jersey stamps

Six Jersey ghost stories feature on stamps that have been issued by the Post Office.

Two of the stamps have been printed using a type of ink that makes parts of them glow under ultraviolet light.

The focus on ghost stories forms the third part of Jersey Post’s myths and legends series.

The artist behind them, Jensine Eckwall, created the designs digitally.

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