A fossil lake monster?

Located on the US/Canada border, and covering parts of Vermont, Quebec, and New York State, Lake Champlain has long been the reputed domain of a huge serpent known as Champ. Indeed, reports extend back more than 150 years. Certainly, one of the most fascinating developments in the story of Champ occurred in 1881. That was the year in which a huge skeleton was unearthed by one H.H. Burge. Of this sensational discovery, the May 27, 1881 issue of the Middlebury Register wrote: “The proprietors of the Champlain Granite Works, located near Barn Rock on Lake Champlain claim to have uncovered a petrified sea serpent of mammoth proportions, being about 8 inches in diameter and nearly fifty feet long. The surface of the stone bears evidence of the outer skin of a large serpent while the inner surface shows the entrails. The proprietors are intending soon to begin excavations along the place where it lies embedded in the dirt and granite, to ascertain its size.

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2-meter-long “water monster” found in Sun Moon Lake, suspected to be an exotic species of broad-fin eel

(Central News Agency reporter Wu Zhehao Nantou on the 15th) Lai Yongli, a stand-up paddle coach, led tourists on a tour of Sun Moon Lake and found a big fish over 2 meters long. He posted the video on Facebook, and some netizens commented that there is a “water monster” in Sun Moon Lake. The Sun Moon Lake District Fisheries Association believes that it may be an exotic species of broad-fin ee

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