Lost over Anjel, Creepy Crawling

Thursday 3rd June 2021

I am the Owlman, the night flight prowl man,
I am the shade lost in night man,
Mine is the night time,
when Forteana frights minds.

I am the naughty night bird.
I hear the movement of soles.
Wings unfurl to reveal deep shadows.
Eyes dark in the darkness see.

I am the reborn firebird.
I build from that which fell.
Wings lift my spirit upward.
My eyes see the light of stars.

I am the star moth.
I long to glide around you stars.
I spread the life ever outward.
I plant the Gaia seeds.

My father a great spirit who made all that is.
My mother a planet who gave me life.
My children unborn, for their sake, i do not bring them forth.
My soul mate missing, among the lost souls.

Love the eyes which cried the salt sea,
love the ears that harkened to me.
Love the gentle hands that held me to no false blame,
Love the smiling lips, that first spoke my name.

The grandmother heaves in the dawn.
Her ribs of rock, broken rent and torn asunder.
The grandmother weeps, at her unbalanced son.
He drives pipes into her heart, to pillage and plunder.

The brave eagle dies, yet telling the truth.
The seeds of the rainbow are sown among his.
Here comes the man from the east, westward he moves.
The man from the east, brings the east shore a kiss.

Blue Catchina rolling,
like a marble of fate,
Red Catchina glowing,
brings an end to the hate.

And here is the rainbow nation,
born of the distress,
the ko-yani-skat-zi stagnation,
shall end with that mess.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang, bang bang bang.
The distracting sound of a child heavily bouncing a football off the pavement as he walks home past Lex’s gate, smacks Lex’s mind back to here and now, and earthly concerns flood in.

Justice for the Ninety Six come on you reds you’ll never walk alone screw the murdering bizzies and their vile whitewashing oligarchic friends. Here comes the sun little darlin’ and the child with the symbolic ball is bouncing along old Penny Lane.

Another man with a child in his eyes breathes deep, and then shallow. A blackbird is singing in the dead of night, as some darkened minds unleash their helter skelter and Hollywood shivers in it’s bones. Lex remembered his long passed, blessed mother, as he fell silently and deeply asleep.

Ve Macrinnon
Ve Macrinnon is a Fortean artist, writer, presenter and humourist. He is also the CFZ Group's 'TFG' (Troll Finder General). Ve enjoys 'Creepy Crawling' in the woods, Evidence based theorising and Single Malt Scotch Whisky fuelled fireside discussions.