A hyena in West Virginia in 1890?

Wednesday 12th October 2022

A hyena in West Virginia in 1890?

I found the following account of a possible hyena in The Athens Banner, Athens, Georgia, January 11th 1890:


Stalks Abroad at Night,and Terrorizes the People of Scott County

The people in the vicinity of White Sulphur,this county,are alarmed at the presence of a wild animal of some description in the neighbourhood. It has only been seen at night, and no one knows what it is. Some negroes who claim to have seen it, say it is a hyena, some a tiger and others a wild cat. The dogs in the neighbourhood are afraid to venture from the house at night, a number of them having been attacked and torn to pieces. One night last week the strange animal bit a number of fat hogs belonging to Mr Robert Bratton,who lives just below the Sulphur, which died of hydrophobia. Two or three weeks ago the animal was seen on the farms of Mrs Alice Brown and Mr Lawrence Long.


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