Newly released bigfoot video from Idaho

Friday 3rd September 2021

Newly released bigfoot video from Idaho

“A video uploaded to YouTube supposedly shows a new look at Bigfoot, and cryptid enthusiasts are feeling confident about the odds that this one is real. The footage, which depicts a large, muscular being covered in dark hair, was uploaded to an account called Nv Tv, which seems to specialize in bigfoot content. It’s only a few seconds long, which is the biggest factor in some commenters crying foul (as in, why wouldn’t you keep recording if you had something this incredible in front of you?), but the look of the “bigfoot” is certainly convicincing; if it’s a guy in a suit, it’s a very big guy in a very impressive suit.

The channel has responded to criticisms asking for unedited film by responding that this is the form in which it was sent to them, and slowing the footage down and zooming in, hoping that a closer examination will help quell some doubts. Between the original and the follow-up, the video has been viewed at least 100,000 times in the last week.”

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Jonathan Downes
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