MERSEYSIDE: Big cat reports from Heswell

Wednesday 1st September 2021

Big cat reported ‘limping’ down residential street in Heswall | The Leader

“The witness told Puma Watch: “I heard a cry like cats fighting. “I saw a large cat about the size of a German Shepherd dog walking down the road. “It was …”
This story raises quite a few questions. Most notably, the original witness heard a sound like “cats fighting”, before seeing a large animal the size of a German Shepherd Dog limping down the road. The inference is that this mystery animal was injured in a fight either with domestic cats or others of its kind.

Stories of big cat x domestic cat interaction are quite well known within the canon of Alien Big Cat lore and were first brought to our attention by the late Joan Amos. Her research on the subject can be found in one of the early CFZ yearbooks. However, although her claims were that domestic cats were being abducted by aliens, who somehow turned them into big cats, there are very few people within the Cryptozoological community who would agree with them. Interactions between domestic cats and their larger wild relatives usually end up with the former providing a handy meal for the latter.

Sad but true.

It seems to us most likely that the sound reminiscent of domestic cats fighting was probably… domestic cats fighting and that the limping animal may have been attracted by the noise, or may have had absolutely nothing to do with it.


Big cat‘ spotted AGAIN in Heswall last night | Chester and District Standard

“The latest sighting was reported to Puma Watch North Wales, a group set up to document such encounters that has been getting an increasing number of reports from Cheshire and Wirral.

Jon Devoy said he was walking his dog at around 9.30pm on Monday when he spotted the “black, large cat” near the trees.”

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Jonathan Downes
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