Examining the alleged Loch Ness Monster drone footage

Saturday 25th September 2021

Examining the alleged Loch Ness Monster drone footage: Well at least this one isn’t just another amorphous blob on the loch surface, as we are so used to seeing in recent years. At first glance the still photograph published in the media and claimed to be of the legendary Loch Ness “monster”, looks reasonably convincing.

We can make out features which appear to be a long neck, a long tail, a robust midsection and what looks like a pectoral flipper, however, once one takes the time to watch the footage in its entirety it quickly becomes apparent that what we are in fact looking at is very likely to be nothing more than either some sunken object (a log or something) or perhaps part of the loch floor itself.

There is no movement whatsoever coming from the object, the only movement observable in the video is clearly from a wake rolling overhead, probably caused by a boat just out of shot. Is this proof of the creature? Well unless it’s dead or resting, then no, not a chance. The probability is that this is simply an inanimate feature of the loch, and not any kind of unknown animal.


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Carl P Marshall
Carl is the Assistant Director of the CFZ and a regular contributor to OTT. He has done expeditions to Belize and Borneo, Mexico and North Africa as well as in-depth research in the UK, most recently with leading the Forest of Dean Project, and he was one of the stars of "Cat Hunters". It was him who first christened Louis "Computer Boy"