The Kaiser, the Dream and the Devil

Taken from ‘Great War Theatre’:

Examiner of Plays’ Summary:
This is a vision of the didactic order, supposed to be seen by the Kaiser, and to illustrate the charges of cruelty and so forth brought against him by various victims of his policy, such as a suffering child and a deluded soldier. The drama ends with the appearance in it of the Devil who complains that his hell is quite extinguished by the hell of the Kaiser’s invention. Good in intention if very obvious in execution. Recommended for License. Ernest A. Bendall

Researcher’s Summary:
This play was licensed by the Lord Chamberlain but no evidence of a performance has been found. It went on to be published at one shilling by the Anglo-Russian Press Service, Ltd., 20, Copthall Avenue, E.C. 2, and 392, Strand, VV.C. 2. The entire proceeds for the sale were given for the benefit of the British Red Cross, with the suggestion that if possible such proceeds should be devoted to a new fund called Sons of Britain (Tatler, 27 November 1918)