Jobs with the CFZ (sorry, nobody gets paid, not at the moment, anyway)

I don’t like to sound like a silly old man, but as I get older I am not able to do as much as I historically have been able to do. Also, Corinna worked very hard keeping the CFZ afloat, and since her death we have, frankly, been struggling. So we are looking for volunteers to do a whole range of things, such as:

  • News aggregation  Updating and maintaining the news blogs on this site. Richard Freeman and I do some of this but there aren’t enough hours in the day. So we need people to find news stories and enter them on the site.
  • Keeping the bookshop updated 
  • Joining the Social Media team. I do not understand social media one little bit. Brad Onstott is Social Media Boy but he needs help
  • Cataloguing the contents of all the OTT episodes
  • Downloading and backing up all the OTT episodes. YouTube is so volatile at the moment that it seems possible that they could throw a wobbly and throw us off. We have backups of all of the episodes since we relaunched back in 2-17 but due to a mixture of computer SNAFUs and my stupidity we do not have back ups of the 80 or so episodes before that. We also need all our other films and documentaries backed up. Everything will have to be uploaded to our Google Drive
  • Proof reading. Preferably if you have MS Publisher
  • Securing image and video permissions for use in OTT and on the website 
  • Helping the Trollfinder General (Ve) kick malefactors out of our various Facebook pages and groups 

Please email Jon on  if you are interested