Explorers Remember

Odette Tchernine

Taken from Amazon:

In Explorers Remember the reader is taken to remote places in both famous and little-known countries. The explorers themselves tell their adventures, sometimes dangerous and always colourful, on missions of discovery among peoples with strange traditions.

We are taken by Eric Shipton to the wilds of Patagonia and by Ralph Izzard to the haunts of a mysterious monster in the swamps of the mountainous jungles in Assam. We explore with Peter Willey the Valley of the Assassins in northern Persia; Sebastian Snow tells us of his experiences in the savage forests of the Amazonian headwaters, while Caribbean Carnival by Gilbert Phelps transports us into the almost orgiastic frenzy and excitement of the West Indian carnivals in Trinidad and Tobago. The editor, Odette Tchernine, has again collected a harvest of lively and fascinating first-hand yarns that rival in interest those in her Explorers’ and Travellers’ Tales published nearly ten years ago. Odette Tchernine, herself journalist, editor, author and poet, is indefatigable—and successful—in persuading explorers to recount their experiences which show that there are still more hidden and exciting back-reaches on this earth than we may imagine.

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