Jan Bondeson252 pages Pages - RRP: £14.99
Those Amazing Newfoundland Dogs (12/11/2012)
The Newfoundland dog is one of the most majestic and impressive breeds of dogs. Originally bred as water dogs and draught dogs, Newfoundland dogs have been known in Britain at least since the 1730s. Considered a very superior breed of dogs, they soon became expensive and sought after: many noblemen and magnates wanted a specimen. Newfoundland dogs were also highly regarded for their ability to save human lives during shipwrecks or bathing accidents. Heroic Newfoundland dogs were depicted in schoolbooks, on popular engravings, and in books on natural history. These dogs were considered not just brave and altruistic, but also extremely intelligent; a large proportion of the anecdotes of dogs told by the Victorian dog-fanciers were related to the extraordinary sagacity of the Newfoundland. This book will resurrect the forgotten history of the Newfoundland dog, using original sources and illustrations to shed new light on this magnificent breed.
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