Rob Cornes 370 pages Pages - RRP: £9.99
The Seal Serpent ( 21 Sept. 2018 )

The Seal Serpent is a critical reappraisal of the theory that a pinniped (seal, sea lion, fur seal, walrus) could have evolved a long neck becoming the source of numerous tales of sea serpents or lake monsters from around the world; a mammalian equivalent of the plesiosaur.

The theory which has been around for over a hundred years is given a fresh perspective by Rob Cornes (The Surreal Seal Campaign, CFZ yearbook 2007) and Gary Cunningham (co-author of The Mystery Animals of Ireland 2010).

The authors evaluate the evidence for such an animal and build a speculative framework for its existence. They uncover previously unpublished reports which may strengthen the theory but also uncover a number of innacuracies and alternative explanations which may explain other historic accounts.

From the bunyip of Australia to the beachwalker and skrimsl of Iceland, the fabled horse eels of Connemara to Pal Rai Yuk in Alaska the authors undertake a global investigation.

Along the way they stumble upon an unexpected, previously unexplored but potentially game changing (or new paradigm) possibility to explain some lake monster identities; a unique possibility which should intitate a review of witness reports from Loch Ness and Ireland, among others…

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