Nick Wadham146 pages Pages - RRP: £6.99
The Magical Adventures of Henry Owl (30/06/2014)
An ordinary day at the beach turns into an amazing and exciting magical adventure through time, when Henry Owl discovers a dinosaur tooth washed up on the shore.Henry is a young Snowy Owl, who discovers a magical dinosaur tooth at the seaside whilst looking for lost pirate owl treasure. He discovers a secret cave in which a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton rests, there is a gap in its teeth, and the tooth Henry is carrying fits the hole perfectly, but after he puts it in, it won’t come back out. Join Henry as he tries to solve problems for his new-found friends in this charming series of stories.Will he rescue the Tyrannosaur eggs in time? Will he solve the mystery of who is stealing all of the honey? Can he hatch a plan to defeat the vile ivory hunters? One thing is for sure, that magical dinosaur tooth has a whole host of adventures in store for Henry and his friends.
ISBN:1909488194 UK USA Canada Australia