The Blackdown Mystery: Book Cover
Jonathan Downes180 Pages - RRP: £6.99
The Blackdown Mystery (2006)

Bob Girard from Arcturus Books in Florida wrote: “Cheeky, that’s what this is – a cheeky investigation of a lead first inspired by “the ramblings of a cross-dressing drug addict and his elderly schizophrenic boyfriend.” Intrepid members of the CFZ are up to the challenge, and manage to entangle themselves thoroughly in the bizarre trappings of this case. This is the soft underbelly of ufology, rife with unsavoury characters, plenty of drugs and booze.” That sums it up quite well, we think. A new edition of the classic 1999 book by legendary fortean author Jonathan Downes. In this remarkable book, Jon weaves a complex tale of conspiracy, anti-conspiracy, quasi-conspiracy and downright lies surrounding an air-crash and alleged UFO incident in Somerset during 1996. However the story is much stranger than that. This excellent and amusing book lifts the lid off much of contemporary forteana and explains far more than it initially promises… Now with a new introduction by notorious fortean Tim Matthews, and cartoons by Richard Freeman and other illustrations.

ISBN:1905723008 UK USA