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More Star Steeds and other Dreams: The Collected Poems of Dr Karl P N Shuker (12/10/2015)
Dr Karl Shuker has long been world-renowned for his numerous cryptozoological books, articles, and ShukerNature blog posts, but in 2009 his writings took a new and very unexpected, hitherto-unsuspected direction when CFZ Press published his first collection of poetry. Entitled Star Steeds and Other Dreams, its subjects were both diverting and exceedingly diverse – inviting its readers into Karl’s very own, very personal world of star steeds and nightingales, childhood’s end and silent farewells, realms of dreams and shadows, memory’s mirror and ghosts from the past, Faerie worlds and flying horses, the voice of the winds and the music of the spheres, roses and rainbows, airports, angels, balloons, butterflies, clowns, dragons, elves, fireworks, monasteries, poppies, Stonehenge, tattoos, UFOs, unicorns, and much else besides. Even Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, made an appearance. Much to Karl’s surprise but delight, his poetry proved very popular, attracting interest and positive reviews both within and beyond his long-established readership audience, which encouraged him to continue writing poetry, experimenting with different styles and incorporating even more subjects within his verses. Now, six years later, Star Steeds is back, but this time in a greatly-expanded 2015 edition, containing many new, additional poems and other lyrical writings. So, without further ado, welcome to More Star Steeds and Other Dreams – enjoy the magic, the memories, and so much more that await your discovery amid the enchanted, and enchanting, realm that can only be found within the pages of this very different Karl Shuker book.
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