Tony "Doc" Shiels 148 pages Pages - RRP: £9.99
Monstrum! A Wizard’s Tale ( 22 Feb. 2011)

A WIZARD’S TALE…. The extraordinary and entertaining inside story of one man’s relationship with the mysterious monsters of our ancient waters and other strange phenomena, set against a colourful background of Gaelic folklore, pagan magic, surrealism, international monster-hunting, and psychic backlash. Who is ‘Doc’ Shiels? Doc is a modern monster-hunter, an author of several books on stage magic, a founder-editor of the surrealist magazine Nnidnid, a poet, playwrite and artist, a Punch and Judy professor, and one time Wizard of the Western world. In 1977 Doc initiated the ‘Monstermind’ project, organising an international group of psychics and magicians to raise up the denizens of dark lakes around the world. Full of Alice-in-Wonderland coincidences, this is his story: telling how he came to take the best photograph yet of the Loch Ness Monster (right), and snapped Morgawr, the monster of Falmouth Bay. Along the way he crosses the tracks of the Little People, the frightful winged Owlman of Cornwall, giant squids, sky-clad witches, UFOs and the Irish Pooka.

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