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Invizikids (11/11/2022)

Sleeping woman with elves. Invizikids.

Invizikids is a fantastic book. It is about the imaginary friends which so many children have. I had one when I was a child, and probably so did you. Writing in 2015, eight years after this book was first published Lawrence Kutner, Ph.D. says:

“Imaginary friends are an integral part of many children’s lives. They provide comfort in times of stress, companionship when they’re lonely, someone to boss around when they feel powerless, and someone to blame for the broken lamp in the living room. Most important, an imaginary companion is a tool young children use to help them make sense of the adult world.”

These friendships take place in a weird sort of ur-space that is neither pure imagination or actual reality (whatever that is) and are important not just because they are practically universal, but because of their implications for those of us who study the noosphere.

I have known Mike Hallowell for well over 20 years, and have always been impressed by his books and articles. He has the sort of enquiring polymathematical mind which I admire, as he sets his talents into investigating a wide range of different arcane subjects. But this enquiry into the true nature of childhood imaginary friends may well prove to be the most important thing he has ever written.

Jon Downes

Director, CFZ

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