Richard Freeman240 pages Pages - RRP: £9.99
Hyakumonogatari: Tales of Japanese Horror – Book One (18/05/2015)
In Edo Period Japan, the game of Hyakumonogatari – or one hundred stories – was a popular pastime. A hundred candles in blue lanterns were lit and placed on a table before a mirror. Each person would tell a story of a ghost, monster or strange occurrence, then blow out one of the candles. When the last candle was blown out it was said that a horned blue spirit, Aoandon, would manifest in the mirror. Hyakumonogatari grew so popular that in 1908 the Japanese government forbade the telling of horror stories. Doubtless the gatherings carried on as a clandestine thrill, and what stories must have been told! Japanese folklore is the strangest on earth. Its monsters and its ghosts (collectively known as yokai) outstrip any other culture in their sheer weirdness. Here, in the first of a four-volume collection, is the beginning of a modern Hyakumonogatari. This menagerie of yokai includes hair-eating horrors, spawning dragon-gods, zombie whales, venomous rats, cannibal skeletons with slime-mould brains, ancient hominans, perverse water imps, devils of straw and monsters of cloth. Sick of vampires and werewolves? This night parade of Japanese daemons will re-light your love of horror with a whole pantheon of new ghosts and monsters from the pen of Richard Freeman who brought you the acclaimed horror collection Green Unpleasant Land
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