Lee Walker324 pages Pages - RRP: £15.10
Glimpses in the Twilight (28/07/2015)
“Let me take you down, coz were going…” to a place that you may think you know quite well but the city of Liverpool is a far stranger place then any of you could imagine. Lee Walker is a paranormal researcher, auteur, and one of the best writers on the subject operating in the world today. This is his second collection of urban legends and high strangeness from the haunted heart of Merseyside. Elegantly macabre and often down right terrifying the stories in this book raise the bar for anybody working in, and writing about, esoteric subjects and cannot be recommended highly enough. Walker’s Merseyside is a strange and unsettling place complete with giant crabs, brutal and disturbing fairy stories, and even a surviving Nazi war criminal. Strange days indeed; most peculiar Mama!
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