Lee Walker388 pages Pages - RRP: £14.99
Dead of Night (03/08/2011)

An Illustrated Compendium of True Life Ghost Stories, Urban Legends and Unexplained Phenomena from the Haunted Heart of Merseyside. Lee Walker is an expert wordsmith and has written one of those books that once picked up are hard to put down. In Dead of Night, he masterfully feeds that basic human instinct that lies at different depths within each of us. Fear. An instinct that, peculiarly, so often cries out to have its needs satisfied. Filled with stories from life-sized dolls that stare out from behind the windows of a Wendy house to goblins with a macabre liking for baby rabbits, there are tales in this book that feed this instinct perfectly. If you enjoy a spine-tingling read with more than a smattering of moments when you laugh aloud, then Dead of Night is a must.

ISBN:1905723768 UK USA Canada