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Dark Wear (Dark Trilogy Book 2) (20/09/2011)

Readers (see reviews) say it made them scared, made them laugh and made them cry, are you prepared to go through these powerful emotions and read DARK WEAR?

“Paul rubbed his eyes. It can’t be! He looked again. The large black cat, the size of an Alsatian dog, continued to stalk its prey. It registered Paul’s existence but had its eyes on a rabbit. Paul grabbed his phone and did his best to stop shaking and try to take a photo. The noise of the camera caused the cat to turn and snarl. Only then did Paul realise his predicament. He was in a field, a long way from help if he yelled, with no weapon, facing what looked like a black tiger. Should he run? No, it would chase him. Maybe he should just stand very still, like on the Jurassic Park movie and it might not see him. He prayed that would work.”

It starts with big cats ,leads to witches, is that a werewolf? ,mysterious monks, the tunnel of horror that most don’t survive and all the time in the background the Fifth Reich are trying to continue their evil work.

Among the ancient cathedral, old colleges and the countryside roam strange creatures, modern day witches and the 5th Reich .The result is murder, mayhem, a search for a holy relic, a journey through an ancient deadly tunnel and a loss of loved ones. The new laird and the knights meet up again with Laura Loomis and her friends and once again they find themselves facing strangeness and danger.

By the successful author of Dark Ness
Dark wear as the title suggests is set in Durham. It’s the second book in the trilogy following on from Dark Ness but can be read as a separate volume.

ISBN:1093655925 UK USA Canada