Karl P. N Shuker324 pages Pages - RRP: £9.99
Cats of Magic, Mythology and Mystery (17/11/2012)
Gathered together for the very first time between the covers of a single volume, be prepared to be thoroughly amazed and totally captivated by a spellbinding array of truly extraordinary, exceptional cats of every imaginable – and unimaginable – variety. Surveying an eclectic spectrum of feline anomalies existing both within and far beyond the perimeters of cryptozoology, here are homing cats and demon cats, king cheetahs and woolly cheetahs, ligers and leopons, winged cats and horned cats, belligerent nundas and evanescent marozis, the mythology of the tailless Manx cat and the origins of Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat, latter-day sabre-tooths and feline deities from around the world, dream cats, snow cats, and psychic cats, displaced panthers and out-of-place pumas, Janus cats of the double visage and the lost constellation of Felis, marsupial lions and Queensland tigers, green kittens and Runcible Cats, albinistic leopards and melanistic tigers, servalines, cheetalines, aquatic yaquarus, even a cat-headed serpent or two – and much, much else besides.
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