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Animals & Men #71: The Journal of the CFZ (17/02/2023)

Animals & Men CFZ

Since 1994, Animals & Men has been the world’s premier cryptozoological periodical, covering all aspects of the study of unknown animals. As of 2015, new issues of Animals & Men can be purchased in two formats, as a printed paperback and as a Kindle ebook. In addition, a FREE “flipbook” digital version is available to read online.

Welcome to a very belated issue of the English speaking world’s longest standing magazine dealing with Cryptozoology and allied disciplines. I remember thirty plus years ago when I was editing a music magazine that nobody bought (no change there then), that I was sent a fanzine put together by a well meaning and earnest schoolboy. His editorial opened with apologies that it has been so long since the previous issue, but he went on to say the reason that the issue had been so badly delayed was that he had been cast to appear in his school production of “Oklahoma!” which I found massively funny, for unknown reason.

We are continuing at pace with our publication schedule, and I am happy to announce that we have published the first English language edition of Boris Porshnev’s legendary 1963 book on relict hominins in the Soviet Union. Marie-Jeanne Koffmann once explained her theory as to why the Soviet Union, even at its most repressive under Stalin, was the only country in the world to have a state sponsored organisation whose mission was to look for unknown animals. She believed that official party line was that as communism functioned through a doctrine of collectivism, the fact that there were bipedal hominids living in the Soviet Union which had not passed through what I have always called the ‘Civilization Threshold’ proved that bipedalism and opposable thumbs were not responsible for human
civilization. I personally think this is a load of nonsense, but who am I to second guess Stalin?

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34 – Newsfile – BHM
36 – Newsfile: Bigcat
40 – Newsfile: Aquatic Mysteries
43 – Krakens in Spain: From Myth to Reality by Javier Resines
50 – Escaped & Reported Crocodiles in Continental Europe by Ulrich Magin
61 – The Yeti of the Himalayas by Saarthak Halder
74 – Discussion Document: Duties for Regional Representatives by Ronan Coghlan
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Animals & Men CFZ

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