Jonathan Downes322 pages Pages - RRP: £8.69
Animals & Men #58-61: The Journal of the CFZ (21/08/2019)

Since 1994, Animals & Men has been the world’s premier cryptozoological periodical, covering all aspects of the study of unknown animals. As of 2015, new issues of Animals & Men can be purchased in two formats, as a printed paperback and as a Kindle ebook. 

Although the business ethic of CFZ Press (if you can actually call it that) was never profit orientated, it had been designed around the more traditional publishing models, and as these speedily began to change, our profit margin (such as it was) vanished like a sandcastle at high tide. So, we had to drastically rethink what we were doing and how we were doing it. And so, reluctantly, the decision was made to eschew publishing individual issues in hard copy, and to publish omnibus collections in book form.

Here, a little later than we had hoped, is the first of these collections. I hope that you enjoy it, and find it interesting.

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