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Taken from ‘Great War Theatre’:

Examiner of Plays’ Summary:
In spite of a rather amateurish touch and a stale sort of plot this is not at all a bad play. The characters and dialogue are natural. Guy Trevella, wounded in the War, has an affair with a light-living married woman, Mrs Trent. He finds that she is a bad lot and going down to this home in Cornwall marries a young girl, Nancy. He does so in pique but afterwards falls in love with her. After their marriage Mrs Trent turns up with the excuse of a broken-down car and stays the night: she did not know of the marriage and wished to resume relations with Guy. Nancy hears of the old scandal and quarrels with Guy. An old admirer takes advantage of the situation to urge her elopement with him, but Mrs Trent, repentant makes her see that Guy really loves her and does not love herself and then poor Guy’s wound results in blindness and the young couple are reunited. There is nothing in the least indelicate in the play. Recommended for Licence. G. S. Street