‘It was traumatic to say the least,’

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Regular readers will know that our Richard Freeman is not a man to shy away from adventures but this incident left him rather distraught…

A BISCUIT-lover was devastated to find no jam in his Jammie Dodger.

Hi! My name is Guinevere (or Guin for short) and I am Exeter, Devon born and bred. I'm a single mum to two little monkeys called Muhammed (Momo) and Ibrahim (Ibby) and hope to get them as fascinated in the cryptozoology world as I am and was as a young girl. It all started for me with my dads Arthur C Clarke book about crystal skulls and my mums books on the paranormal, fairies and witches. I've grown up surrounded by the wonder of what 'could' be out there and want my two boys to be just as curious and excited about it.