Monday 11th March 2024


It has come to my attention that various people in the United States cryptozoological community are taking exception to the alleged activities of the CFZ USA Representative Katy Elizabeth. They are claiming that she has faked unspecified pieces of evidence from her research into the creature of Lake Champlain. I have seen absolutely no evidence to support these allegations, and indeed I have found her evidence to be both interesting and compelling. However it appears that the attacks upon her are increasing in intensity and viciousness. Some people have even claimed that she is directly responsible for the death of another researcher, and yet another person has written a novel which seems to character assassinate her and her husband, and is attempting now to adapt that fictional work into a movie..

The latest allegations appear to be that she is “stalking” these people with a plethora of sockpuppet accounts. This is precisely what these people are doing to Katy, and together with a woman whose nom de guerre appears to be translatable as ‘Satan Black’. (charming name and associations, by the way) they are making her life miserable. And I have had emails from one of these people demanding that I remove Katy from her post as USA administrator of the CFZ. I am not going to attempt to analyse the character of someone who deliberately names themselves after the Lord of Darkness and all Evil, but if only for the sake of the probity of the International Cryptozoological Community, this needs to stop.

I want to say, once and for all, that I have every confidence in Katy Elizabeth, and that I have no intention of changing her status in any shape or form. I have advised her to report any further attacks to the police and also to the people responsible for such things at Facebook. And as far as I am concerned the only crime of which she is guilty is being a strong, confident woman in a community containing more than the average amount of insecure, angry and semi-literate men.

Jonathan Downes

Hi! My name is Guinevere (or Guin for short) and I am Exeter, Devon born and bred. I'm a single mum to two little monkeys called Muhammed (Momo) and Ibrahim (Ibby) and hope to get them as fascinated in the cryptozoology world as I am and was as a young girl. It all started for me with my dads Arthur C Clarke book about crystal skulls and my mums books on the paranormal, fairies and witches. I've grown up surrounded by the wonder of what 'could' be out there and want my two boys to be just as curious and excited about it.