Grisly mass decapitation

Tuesday 26th September 2023

Mysterious ‘Chupacabra‘ Suspected in Grisly Mass Decapitation of Livestock

Story from Jam Press (Bloodsucking Chupacabra)
Pictured: ‘Chupacabra’ has been blamed for the mass decapitation of goats and sheep.
Bloodsucking ‘chupacabra’ behind mass decapitation of livestock
A mythical, vampire-like creature called the chupacabra, has been blamed for the mass decapitation of goats and sheep.
Farmers are begging authorities to investigate the mass slaughter after finding their livestock butchered.
The affected farmers found some of their animals missing their heads while tending to their land.
They found other carcasses intact, but with deep bite marks on their necks, as if made by fangs.
Locals in Tambola, Atlahuilco, Mexico, now worry a chupacabra — also known as a goatsucker — may be behind the recent spate of attacks.
And they fear the next victim may be a person.
Local authorities have told residents of nearby towns to be vigilant.
A livestock farmer in Zacamilola, which lies just six kilometres from Tambola, said: “We keep them in their pen during the day and at night under a shelter with light to watch over them.
“We are all on alert because we care about our animals. They say it’s the chupacabra.
“I don’t know if you remember that the same thing happened a few years ago, but then no more animals were found.”
The woman added: “A thorough search was conducted, and some thought it was a black panther with its cub, but nothing was found.
“Then they said it was a group of people who extracted the animals’ blood and sold it.”
Police in Atlahuilco say at least nine animals have been attacked since last Friday (15 Sept).
Mayor, Jaime Rosales Vásquez told local media: “Similar situations were reported last year in communities like Capultitla and Eyitepec.
“And two years ago, there were sightings of two animals resembling black panthers.
“So it is not ruled out that these may be the specimens attacking the livestock of the Tambola families this year.”
Authorities have not confirmed the a


The chupacabra, a legend in Latin American folklore, is believed to be a monstrous creature that preys on animals and consumes their blood. It was …
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