Tuesday 20th June 2023

The fire snake of Western Mexico

I today (Friday June 16th) came across a cryptid I have never come across before called the fire snake of Western Mexico. I was looking for reports of salamanders in Loch Ness when I came across the following snippet in the Aberdeen Press and Journal for January 30th 1924: ” Another peculiar creature is the fire snake of Western Mexico. This serpent not only possesses the properties of the famous salamander , but is actually supposed to be able to set fire to dry herbage.” Presumably this refers to the folklore belief that salamanders can survive fire.The image here is of the Sonora Semiannulata which struck me of being a fiery red and black colour, but I do not know if it really is or was the fire snake of Western Mexico. This snake featured also inhabits the south-western states of the U.S.A. Sonora Semiannulata - Western Ground Snake - USA Snakes

Richard Muirhead
Richard Muirhead has been a friend of the CFZ longer than anyone else. He first ,et Jon Downes in 1970 when they were both living in Hong Kong. They have been friends ever since.