Wednesday 10th May 2023

A piebald bear in Washington state

On May 6th  2023 a story appeared on the Facebook group Animal Discoveries and Curiosities (and probably elsewhere on social media) of a pie-bald bear that looked somewhat like a panda although it was not, in Washington state U.S.A.The video footage of the bear originally appeared on Tik Tok. Watch: Piebald Black Bear Caught on Camera in Washington StateAs can be seen from the image here, taken from the post on Facebook, the bear seems to be an adult and is seen strolling through a clearing in the woods, seemingly oblivious to the eager attention shown towards it from the human fortunate enough to have a camera on himself/herself at the time. The website outdoorlife.com has the story, but I was unable to access this on the Macclesfield Library computer 🙁

Richard Muirhead
Richard Muirhead has been a friend of the CFZ longer than anyone else. He first ,et Jon Downes in 1970 when they were both living in Hong Kong. They have been friends ever since.