A long-eared owl shocked crew

Friday 28th October 2022

A long-eared owl shocked crew on board a fishing boat over 100 miles off the north coast of Scotland.

The bird was rescued by a crew member who spotted it being attacked by seagulls.

It suffered minor injuries but was cared for by the team on board Peterhead-registered Benarkle II for the rest of their trip.

It is believed the owl had been blown off its normal course before landing on the boat.

The Benarkle II crew said the poorly creature perked up a great deal after being “beefed up” with some chopped steak.

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Jonathan Downes
Cryptozoologist, naturalist, musician, singer, composer, poet, novelist and Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology since 1992. Jon was born in Portsmouth in 1959 and spent his infancy in Nigeria and his childhood in Hong Kong. His wife Corinna died of cancer in 2020, leaving him with two stepdaughters and a six year old granddaughter called Evelyn.