Stegosaurus in 600 year old temple

Tuesday 24th May 2022

Stegosaurus in 600 year old temple

First Stegosaurus fossil was found in 1876 by M.P Felch who was a geologist, but a temple named Angkor Wat in Cambodia clearly shows a carved depiction and figure of a creature which have features extremely similar to a stegosaurus . Many different animals which is known to human like monkeys, deer, birds, water buffalo, rhinoceros, lizards and many more are also carved . It was sculpted more than 600 years ago. The sculpture is in Ta Prohm which is a part of small circuit of Angkor Wat complex. It is now a Buddhist temple but was originally built in the first half of 12th century as a Hindu temple.

Experts believe it was built more than 600 years ago, perhaps in late 11th century or early 12th century by king Suryavarman ll or Jayavarman VII and is dedicated to Hindu God “Vishnu”.

If we talk about stegosaurus, they were widely distributed in South and North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Stegosaurus fossils were found in western and southern India and stegosaurus vertebrae was found from the late Jurassic Phu Kradung formation of Thailand which shares border with Cambodia .So, can it be possible that people at that time knew about such creature.

Many people who believed that those people knew about such dinosaur argued that , if someone says it’s a mistake, so how can someone explain the figure which does not resemble any animal alive. ┬áStill, we should remain skeptic, as being skeptic helps us in broadening our knowledge and assists us in deeper understanding .

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