Thylacine Sighting Reports

Tuesday 8th February 2022

Thylacine Sighting Reports



Databases of sightings

Smith (1981) and Rounsevell & Smith (1982) both dealt with sightings in Tasmania to 1978. The latter analysed 104 sightings during the period 1970-1979, and stated that 84 sightings had been reported during the period 1960-1969.

The T.R.U. (Thylacine Research Unit) provides details of reports made directly to them

A whole batch of reports have been officially released by the Tasmanian government

Chris Tangey talked to around 150 witnesses during his 1970’s search

A new RTI/FOI (2016-2019) request from Mike Williams was granted. 8 reports are included.

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Richard Freeman
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