A Flying Squirrel as Big As a Cat Discovered in Himalayas

Sunday 13th June 2021

A species of gliding squirrel (Eupetaurus cinereus) that was last seen in 1994 was cross-referenced with museum specimens and found to actually be three squirrels, not one.

“That there were two relatively large animals that had gone unreported shows how little we know about the natural world”
University of Wyoming squirrel expert John Koprowski remarked to National Geographic

The Yunnan woolly flying squirrel and the Tibetan woolly flying squirrel now take their place in the scientific record alongside the newly reclassified Western woolly flying squirrel. The first new squirrel lives in the mysterious gorges of Yunnan, thousands of miles from the territory of the second, who lives at altitudes of 16,000 feet at the intersection of India, Tibet, and Bhutan. Read More on National Geographic

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